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We offer six services: 

1. Full developmental edit - this is for you if you are planning to self-publish your novel and want to work with an editor to ensure your novel is at a professional standard. We'll do a structural-and-line-edit-in-one, looking at the "bigger picture" as well as all the smaller issues  - the fine tuning all novels need before their authors hit the publish button. We'll use tracked changes throughout the manuscript and provide structural notes. We charge £9.00 per thousand words, so a project of 80,000 words will cost £720.00.


There is a minimum charge of £200.00 


2. Full manuscript report - this is for you if you are planning to submit your work to agents and want to ensure your work is "agent-ready". We'll write an editorial report of 3000-5000 words, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your project. This will be a no holds barred report; robust, but constructive. We charge £7.00 per thousand words, so a project of 80,000 words would cost £560.00.


The minimum charge is £160.00.

3. First three chapters/thirty pages and synopsis report - This is for you if you don't want a full editorial report but feel you need some idea of your work's readiness either for submitting to agents or for self-publishing. We'll write an editorial report of around 1500-2000 words. This is a fixed cost of £160.00.

4. Synopsis report - My new addition. The synopsis, so often dreaded, can be tricky... but my belief is that it's easier than you think. Send up to two A4 pages (single spaced, the norm for a synopsis) and I'll edit using track changes, and provide editorial notes. What this won't do is "fix" your novel if there are structural issues... but it may help you to see where there are structural issues which you can then fix yourself. This is a fixed cost of £55.00.

5. Pitch report - If you're not quite ready for any of the above, but need some guidance as to whether your story concept is working, send us your "elevator pitch" of up to one A4 page, single spaced, telling us about your story. We'll mark it up using track changes and send you a page or so of notes.  This is a fixed cost of £35.00.

6. Online editorial consultation - A read-through of your first chapter/ten pages, a one-hour online consultation (using Zoom) and a follow-up email. This could work for you if you want to ask specific questions (which you can send over with your first chapter/ten pages) and/or if you prefer a face to face chat rather than a written report. You can also send a one-to-two page synopsis, which is particularly helpful if you are seeking advice on structure. This is a fixed cost of £120.00.

How it works:

Get in touch and tell us about your project and which service you would like:

We offer a SELECTIVE service - so if we feel your work is not yet ready to benefit from our input, we'll let you know. This will necessitate complete honesty on our part, so please don't be offended if we decline to work on your MS. We will be able to offer some advice and point you in the direction of further help. 


If we think our services would be of benefit to you, and you would like to go ahead, we'll send a pro forma invoice. Once payment has been received we will aim to get the report back to you within two to four weeks, depending on the length of the project and the service you choose. We can also offer a two page sample edit so you can get an idea of how it will work, with no obligation.

If you have any questions we'd be happy to answer them, so please get in touch.

The editors...

Susan Davis: Susan has twenty years’ experience, editing a diverse range of genres for two major literary consultancies. She has also devised and tutored online creative writing courses. 

Writing as Susan Davis, she published a YA trilogy The Henry-Game with Penguin-Random House in the noughties. Her short fiction has been widely published in anthologies and magazines including Mslexia, also broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


She also writes under the pseudonym Sarah Vincent. Her psychological thriller The Testament of Vida Tremayne is published by Three Hares Publishing. The Gingerbread Wife is an anthology of many of her published short stories.

Susan works with literary, contemporary, historical, paranormal, Gothic, magic realism, psychological thriller, humour and women’s fiction. Cross-genre novels or works which don’t quite fit into the prescribed boxes are of special interest.



Katherine Sunderland: Katherine has worked for an independent publishing company for three years, initially managing the publicity for all their titles and reading submissions. Several of the manuscripts which caught Katherine’s eye - and on which she gave editorial feedback- went on to become lead titles for the company. She was the editor for the company’s digital list as well as editing several titles for the main imprint. 


Katherine is a qualified English Teacher and teaches English Language and Literature from year 7 to year 13 (ages 11-18). While teaching in London she ran creative writing classes for students and organised workshops with visiting authors. 


She runs a successful book blog, reviewing advance copies of novels for a range of publishers. She also organises ticketed author panel events in her home town. 

Katherine works with crime, psychological thrillers and adult/contemporary fiction.

Louise Walters: Louise holds a BA Hons (Open) Literature degree, is the author of three novels (one trade published, two self/indie-published). She was a mentor with the Womentoring Project, and works as an editor on a freelance basis for Jericho Writers and Retreat West, critiquing novels, memoirs, short stories, and screenplays. She is an independent publisher and has so far edited and published ten novels.


Louise works with most adult genres with a preference for literary fiction, memoirs, narrative non-fiction, and screenplays.




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We look forward to working with you.

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