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This is a useful and affordable alternative to a full manuscript report or even the agent submission package report. The first ten pages are crucial, and very often are enough to gauge the ability of any writer. So if you are struggling to assess your own writing and want to understand your abilities, this is the service for you.


I will read all ten pages, and leave mark-up on them using track changes. I will also write a mini-report of around 500-750 words, highlighting the strengths and weakness of your writing. 


Please ensure your pages are doube-spaced, with generous margins, and use a 12pt font. This will equate to 2500-3000 words. My word limit for this service is 3000 words. Thanks! 


This service is a fixed cost of £40. Once you have bought this service, please send your first ten pages to me as a Word document, and let me know if you have any particular concerns.

First ten pages report

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