Welcome to the inaugural LWB Page 100 writing competition





If you entered, many thanks, and good luck!

Very excited to open my first writing competition, in the spirit of LWB, which is all about doing things a little bit differently, but simply. The rules are indeed simple, the prizes useful, and the entry fee reasonable. I hope! Here's all you need to know: 

1. The comp is for unpublished novels and novellas. Please don't enter any project with an overall word count of under 20,000 words.

2. Open to any writer, of any age, from anywhere, writing in English.

3. The important bit: please send your page 100 ONLY. No other pages at this stage. If your page 100 begins and/or ends mid-sentence, no problem, include those beginnings and endings. If your page 100 is at the end of a chapter and has just a few lines, ie, not a complete page, then send either 99 or 101. No need to let me know if this is the case, just send. 

If your project is a novella and doesn't quite reach 100 pages, please send page 50 instead. (Bearing in mind rule number 1 above). 

4. The fee is £6 per entry. You can enter as many as you like, all at £6 each. I've tried to keep the entry fee as low as possible to reflect that I only ask to see one page initially.

5. All entries to be emailed as a Word doc with no identifying info on the entry. My intern Billie will do all the administration tasks, including logging and numbering each entry. I'm sorry but any entries that include names or any other ID will be disqualified and no refunds given. 

6. You can pay the entry fee HERE at my website bookshop. Please pay first, then enter. You will be given an order number which you then need to put in your subject header:

Page 100, your name, name of novel, order number.

SEND YOUR ENTRY TO submissions@louisewaltersbooks.co.uk


Billie will match up entries and payments...you can buy a comp entry for £6 OR a book-and-comp-entry-combo for £10... so a signed LWB book and an entry to the comp for a tenner! (Postage is free in the UK)

7. Closing date is 23:59 Sunday 29th September GMT

8. A long list will be announced on this website on Monday 28th October. 

9. A short list of six or thereabouts will be announced on Monday 11th November. All short-listed writers will be invited to submit their first three chapters or first 30 pages, whichever is the longer, still anonymously. 


10. Prizes: the winner will receive an editorial report of their first three chapters/30 pages of their novel or novella. This will consist of a 2000 word report and a marked up manuscript. (Please see my editorial services page) PLUS a 2020 Supporter subscription


11. Two runners up will receive a 2020 Supporter subscription - four signed LWB books, exclusive newsletters and cover reveals, free entries to any LWB comps, and lots of other nice bookish things. I will also showcase the top three page 100s here on my website, with the author's permission, of course. 


12. All long-listed authors will also get a paragraph or two of feedback on their entry. 

13.All short-listed authors will be contacted with the results on Monday 2nd December 2019 and the results will be shared on my website and across social media. 


I hope this all sounds interesting. I can't wait to read all those page 100s...