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I'll look at your first three chapters/thirty pages/ten thousand words (whichever is the shorter), your synopsis, and your cover letter. This is the perfect service if you are ready to submit your work to agents and editors, but want to check that the project really is "agent-ready".  


It's also a more affordable alternative to a full editorial report. In my experience, often an assessment of the first three chapters and the synopsis is sufficient for you to be able to apply the advice to the rest of your project.


I will mark up all your documents using track changes, and provide a set of notes of around 1000-2000 words. 


This service is a fixed cost of £200. Please email me on: 


before buying if you would like more information about this service. Once I have received your payment I will schedule in a completion date for my report. Usually this is within a fortnight of payment, but I'm flexible and can complete earlier if needed. 

Submission package report

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