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The First Post

Welcome to my new blog! My old Blogger blog has died a death, and I can't access it... well, it's been a couple of years or so since I last wrote a blog post... it's still available on the web, but I can't add to it anymore.

So I've set up this new one. I'll be writing a few book reviews, writing-and-editing-advice posts, and in time I'll be reflecting on life post-indie-publishing. I recently made the decision to close the publishing side of my business. It was a tough decision, made in a tough climate. There is a lot to analyse and think through: what went right, what went wrong, the highs and lows... much more of that to come. But things need to settle for a while... it's all a bit raw and tender right now...

All 15 books published at Louise Walters Books

I also hope to share my writing progress here on my blog. I'm currently working on my fifth novel, and the plan is to have a complete draft by the end of the year. It's all planned out, and a rough draft is written, but it needs a lot of work. The working title is We Are Family. It's the story of two middle-aged friends and their unlikely but loyal friendship - which is often patchy, strained, and uncomfortable. I'm always interested in how very different, often opposite, people can hit it off, forming an imperfect but strong bond, and that's what this novel is about. Throw in a great big complication and we get to see how the friendship survives its biggest test... I hope you like the sound of it! I think it's my most commercial novel to date, and it's probably in the same ballpark as The Road to California, if you've read that one. Family dynamics are always interesting for me to write, and read, about...

Back soon!

Louise x


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