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I'm a reader, writer, editor and publisher. My imprint Louise Walters Books is tiny, indie, and receptive to books bigger publishers may not be able to consider. I aim to publish only the very best in adult literary and literary/commercial fiction, across all genres.

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I publish up to four titles per year, currently one per season.

My spring release is out in 26 March 2020... Laura Laakso's third novel in her Wilde Investigations series: Roots of Corruption. Her best yet, in my opinion. Early copies will be printed in February and sent to Subscribers first... then to Laura's eager fans and early reviewers. Early signed copies can be pre-ordered here... 

The blurb:

On the night of Samhain, the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, and ancient magic runs wild in Old London.


When Lady Bergamon is attacked in her Ivy Street garden, Wishearth turns to Yannia for help. Who could have the power to harm Lady Bergamon in her own domain? While Yannia searches for the answer, nature herself appears to be killing Mages in Old London. Yannia and Karrion join forces with New Scotland Yard to solve the baffling Mage deaths. But wherever they turn, all the clues point back towards Ivy Street.


Yannia's abilities are put to test as she races to save Lady Bergamon’s life, and prevent further murders. But with the lines between friends and enemies blurring, she must decide who to trust and how much she's willing to sacrifice for Old London and its inhabitants…


Please hop over to my YouTube channel to hear Laura reading from Roots of Corruption, and my launch day "speech"... we had to cancel the planned launch event at Waterstones and do it online instead...