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Welcome to my website...


I'm a writer and a freelance editor, working at home in rural Northamptonshire, in England. I was an indie publisher from 2017 to 2023. I am still writing and publishing my own books, and I'll be self-publishing my fifth novel, We Are Family, on 15 July 2024. You can pre-order your copy over on my bookshop. It's also available to order in paperback on-line at Waterstones and in e-book on Amazon.  

If you are in need of editorial help, please have a look at my editorial page. I offer great services at reasonable costs, with some reductions available. I offer a decent reduction on my fees for self-publishing writers. I also do "off-the-peg" services at fixed costs which you can buy at my shop here.


I also work as an editor with Jericho Writers, and with Reedsy.


Please also see my blog for the occasional book review, and general chat about reading, writing, editing, and publishing. 


More information about the wonderful books I published over six years of Louise Walters Books can be found in my LWB catalogue, which is a lovely archive of talent! And please see below my We Are Family unboxing video, recorded and released on Monday 17 June...

All content on this website is human-made and AI-free! 

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