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LWB is a tiny independent publisher. I'm a one-woman outfit, working from my home in Northamptonshire. I aim to publish only the very best fiction I can find by writers with genuine talent, artistry, and flair. I don't do hype. 


I pride myself that LWB is a meritocracy - which not all publishers are, often because of financial pressures which I don't have. I do have financial worries, of course, and they are real and, at times, insurmountable... but I have no shareholders, which means when it comes to the books, I can please myself, and, of course, hopefully my loyal readers too. I'm incredibly proud of my titles and authors.


Thank you to all who continue to support us. 


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Wildest Hunger by Laura Laakso is out on 3 November 2022. Please pre-order your paperback or e-book here.

You can find out more about me and how I came to publishing on my About page.


And this is my LWB catalogue.

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