Now open to hybrid publishing deal submissions!

After a great deal of consideration, I have decided to become a "hybrid" publisher. This is where the author takes the financial risk on a book instead of the publisher. This is the only realistic option for me, at least for now, and I've been quietly planning this new approach behind the scenes for a few months. 


The publishing process that your book will go through will be exactly the same as my non-hybrid books. It will take around eighteen months to publish your book. I charge a fixed fee of £6000 per project. This covers all the processes that the book will need to undergo - all editing and proofreading, typesetting, e-book conversion, cover design, and printing of up to 200 copies. The fixed fee also includes an allowance of £300 for postage and carriage costs, and covers all my fees as your editor and project-manager. Also all admin, marketing, and promotional activities. It has been carefully costed and I think it represents great value for money. 

I am open to submissions of novels, particularly short novels or novellas.  I am also open to memoirs or narrative non-fiction. The fee remains the same regardless of the length of the project, because the pre-press processes are the same for every book. Please note there is an upper word-count limit of 100,000 words. The minimum is 20,000 words. 

If you would like to submit your project to me please email a 300-500 word synopsis or outline, and the first two or three pages, or thereabouts, of your manuscript. Please, no attachments. They won't be opened! Please include the entire submission in the body of the email.


I am offering a selective hybrid publishing deal. I have published some fantastic novels over the last five years at LWB, and the one thing I won't compromise on is the quality of the writing. I hope this reassures you that your book, if offered a deal, deserves to be published on its merits, sitting alongside my existing titles.


If you would like further information before submitting, please ask. It's important that I am transparent and that you understand what a hybrid publishing deal is.


All enquiries and submissions need to be emailed to:

I'm looking forward to responding to initial enquiries, and reading submissions. I aim to respond to submissions within two months. I am looking particularly for literary novellas or short novels, but I am open to any genre as long as it is exceptionally well-written and is under the 100k word limit. 


Please remember, at this time I am only offering hybrid publishing deals. Please do not submit if you are unable to pay for the publication of your book. I hope to offer non-hybrid submission windows in the future, and I'll announce those windows on my website, in my newsletter, and on social media. However, for the next two or three years I will be exclusively hybrid. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!



July 2022

PS, please see my editorial services page for all the services I offer, including a new "pre-press package" aimed at writers who want to self-publish under their own steam, and would like to work on their manuscript with a professional team.