Welcome to the LWB on-line bookshop

Postage and packing: Shipping is free for all UK orders. I try to use only recycled packaging wherever possible. 

Regretfully, I am no longer selling any goods, including e-books, outside of the UK due to the new EU VAT rules from 1st July 2021; and also because postage costs are now so astronomical; and it's all just becoming too complicated, and too expensive. I'm sorry. Will review this policy if situations improve. For customers in Ireland, my titles are available online from Kenny's Bookshop

Most of my books will be sent with co-ordinating postcards and I will send signed copies if they are available (quite low on signed copies at the moment, but will replenish as and when I can meet up with my authors).
I am delighted to bring you most of my e-books here as Mobi and epub files. PLEASE NOTE: this is not an automatic download. I will e-mail the files to you which you will then need to send to your device(s). I send both files so you can use whichever one you need, or both. Mobi files are for Kindles, epubs for most other devices.

**OFFER** I'm currently offering one free e-book for every one bought - 2 for 1. Just let me know when you order which free e-book you would like. 

**OFFER** If you buy Laura Laakso's Wilde Investigations trilogy in print or e-book, you will receive a free copy of her forthcoming novella, The Doves in the Dining Room, to be published on 4 November 2021. If you buy the e-books, you'll get an e-book copy; if you buy the paperbacks, you'll get a paperback. It's a great way to support Laura's books and my publishing, so please do take advantage of this fab offer!