Yannia Wilde arrives in rural Sussex to attend her friend Jessika’s aristocratic Mage wedding. When two butchered doves are left in the hotel dining room, Yannia volunteers to take charge of the investigation. More disturbing events follow, leaving Yannia convinced that somebody is trying to sabotage the wedding.


Yannia teams up with the groom, Robbert, a wheelchair-using fan of detective fiction, and Wishearth, her ever-loyal Hearth Spirit, who surprises her by taking an active role in the investigation. But as the clock ticks towards the big day, the sabotage continues and the contradictions mount. The case turns sinister when Yannia herself is targeted, and Wishearth has to act quickly to rescue her.


But can they solve the mystery and save the wedding before somebody loses their life?


This is a "sideways" story in the Wilde Investigation series (number 3.5!)


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ISBN 9781916112377

3.5 The Doves in the Dining Room