Diana and her sister Antonia are house-sharing spinsters who have never got over their respective first loves. Diana owns a gift shop, but rarely works there; and Antonia is unemployed, having lost her teaching job at an all girls’ school following a shocking outburst in the classroom after enduring years of torment. Antonia enjoys her “nice” magazines, Diana is a regular at the local library, and they treat themselves to coffee and cake once a week in the village café.


Naomi lives alone, haunted by the failure of her two marriages. She works in the library, doesn’t get on with her younger colleagues, and rarely cooks herself a proper meal. Secretly she longs for a Boden frock.


When a body is discovered in the local quarry, all three women’s lives are turned upside down. And when Diana’s old flame Gill turns up unexpectedly, tensions finally spill over and threaten to destroy the outwardly peaceful lives all three women have carefully constructed around themselves.


Helen Kitson takes us back to the Shropshire village of Morevale in this, her brilliant second novel which exposes the fragilities and strengths of four remarkably unremarkable older women.   


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Published 18 January 2021. 

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Old Bones by Helen Kitson


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