LWB news and announcements...

Sunday 17th May 2020

I'm delighted to report that we have some more audio books on the way! Laura's Roots of Corruption was released in audio on 7th May. All three of her books are now available in audio. 

I am also pleased to say we have audio deals for Chris's The Dig Street Festival, Helen's Old Bones, and Susannah's Mrs Narwhal's Diary.  AND we also have two large-print deals for Helen's The Last Words of Madeleine Anderson and Chris's The Dig Street Festival. Authors and publisher are all delighted. I can't thank W F Howes enough for their enthusiasm for my titles. 

And I am issuing Dominic's The Naseby Horses as an audio download via ACX. We've found the right narrator, Robin Morrissey, and the audio book is being created right now. Can't wait to proof-hear it! 

Saturday 2nd May 2020

Very early copies of Cath Barton's In the Sweep of the Bay have been printed and delivered.  I sent off a big boxful to Cath via Parcelforce for her to sign, and here she is! Fabulous photo. In our previous life I would have met up with Cath for coffee to get these signed, but we couldn't do that... hopefully we will for the November print run. I will send copies to Supporter Subscribers first, then I'll fulfill pre-orders, and then send review copies. Always a nerve-wracking time for both author and publisher. Will people like it?? We certainly hope so. It's a novel I'm very proud to have worked on, and its brevity (a slim 104 story pages) is a strength, I think. Sometimes less is more...