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Wednesday 17 February 2021

Thrilled to share here the final cover for Chris Walsh's The Dig Street Festival, complete with a cover quote from former East 17 band member Tony Mortimer.


It looks fab! Chris and I are so pleased with it... and it's a fun quote to have on this cover, seeing as the novel is set in east London...

Early copies (without Tony's words) are on sale now at my website bookshop; the book will be published on 15 April in paperback, e-book, audio and large print. 

Can't wait for people to read this funny, bizarre, philosophical debut novel. It's a cracker. 

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Delighted that early copies of Chris Walsh's The Dig Street Festival have been delivered. Under normal circumstances Chris and I would have met up for a coffee to get him to sign lots of copies... but we are having to do this by post/courier, a box at a time.


Please bear with us and rest assured that if you pre-ordered or you are a subscriber, your copy will be sent as soon as possible.  

The e-book is also on its way! I'm proof-reading it at the moment... once I'm happy that it's good to go it will be available for pre-order from wherever you usually buy e-books. Early e-books can also be pre-ordered from the website bookshop. I'm aiming to fulfil all pre-ordered e-books a month or so before the publication date of 15 April.  

Can't wait to get this book in front of readers...

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