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LWB Supporters

I'm not currently offering Supporter subscriptions, as I'm scaling back my publishing for a year or two. I will be bringing out just the one title in 2022, Laura Laakso's fourth novella Wildest Hunger. After that... who knows? I need to focus on my existing books and work hard to get them on more radars, stocked in more bookshops, and in libraries... and so I've decided to concentrate on general all-round promotion, marketing, and publicity, for my existing twelve books rather than bring out any new ones (other than Laura's!) for the next couple of years. 

However, there are still many other things you could do to support LWB...


Buying one of our books would be fabulous, in print, e-book, or audio, from wherever you prefer to buy books.


One of the very best ways to support LWB and our brilliant authors is to leave a review online, such as on Amazon. If you have read any of our titles, please do leave a review. It makes a huge difference, and it won't cost a penny.


Recommending books to family and friends is incredibly helpful. Word-of-mouth recommendation is just about the best thing that can happen to any book, so please do talk about them, in real life, online, on blogs, social media, book groups... 


Borrowing one of our books from your local library, or requesting they stock it, helps to increase the visibility of LWB books AND will earn the authors some Public Lending Right money. 

I am also always very pleased if somebody buys me a coffee! And I'm selling packs of LWB postcards for £5 as a fund-raiser. 

And finally,  instead of Subscriptions, I am currently offering a book bundle of all twelve LWB titles, for £90.00. Anybody who buys one of those will be a Supporter and will have their name added to my list at the back of the books for all future titles (and in reprints). You'll also be added to my Supporter-only newsletter list to hear LWB news first... and be invited to book launches when they can start up  again... 


Big thanks for whatever you can do to support LWB 

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