LWB Supporters

If you could consider becoming one of LWB's Supporters it would be enormously helpful. A regular income is essential for small start-ups like mine. It means I have funds in place for print runs, for paying my freelance team to produce my beautiful books (copy edit, interior design and cover design) and to promote my titles. Also for postage, which takes up a surprisingly large chunk of my budget! 

For £36  (£50 outside the UK) for a 12-month Supporters' subscription you will: 

- receive an early, signed copy of each of our four annual titles (one book per season).


Subscriptions taken out now will include:


Roots of Corruption by Laura Laakso (paperback) March 2020 

The Naseby Horses by Dominic Brownlow (paperback) June 2020

In the Sweep of the Bay by Cath Barton (paperback) September 2020

The Dig Street Festival by Chris Walsh (paperback) December 2020

In February I'm bringing out a limited edition yellow cover Don't Think a Single Thought by Diana Cambridge  (the original red cover edition was published in September 2019) and this can be sent instead of any of the above books... Just let me know if you would prefer that and which book to substitute it for. 


- receive an exclusive monthly newsletter for Supporters only, with early views of  LWB covers, news of new author signings, updates from LWB authors, and all the interesting LWB gossip

- have your name printed at the back of all LWB titles published in perpetuity (once a Supporter, always a Supporter - you don't have to renew your subscription in order to continue having your name in the back of my books)

- be offered an early read of electronic proof copies of forthcoming titles

- receive invitations to book launches

- be given discount codes for the LWB website bookshop 

And for the writers among you...

- receive one free entry to my Page 100 and/or my Favourite Paragraph competition

- receive writer "prompts" from LWB authors based on the themes of their own books


- be entitled to a 25% fee reduction on any of Louise's editorial services (worth a minimum of £45)

If you would like to buy a Supporter subscription for yourself, or as a gift, please head over to my website bookshop where you can buy your Supporter's package.

Thanks so much. Your Support will make a real difference!

And if it's all too much, you could Buy Me a Coffee instead... 

Other things that will help...


Buying one of our books would be fabulous, in print, ebook or audio, from wherever you prefer to buy books.


And of course one of the very best ways to support LWB and our brilliant authors is to leave a review on Amazon. If you have read any of our titles, please do leave a review. It makes a huge difference, and it won't cost a penny.


Borrowing one of our books from your local library, or requesting they stock it, helps to increase the visibility of LWB books AND will earn the authors some Public Lending Right money. 

Big thanks for whatever you can do to support LWB x