COMING IN 2021... the Louise Walters Literary Agency... 

My new venture!


I've done almost everything else in the world of books - I've worked in a bookshop, I'm a writer, and an author who has been trade and self-published, I'm a professional editor, and I run my own indie press. The only job I haven't yet tried is being a literary agent... so here goes!

No big flashy splashes here though. I'm starting small, and will work with just a few clients, at least to begin with. It's unlikely I'll be securing six-figure deals or commanding big auctions... but what I will do is submit your work to editors and publishers in a thoughtful and careful way, including to editors at independent presses. 

I will be an agent who is involved on the editorial side... it's in my interests and yours to submit work in tip-top condition. So if we decide to work together we will almost certainly go through at least one round of edits on your project before I submit it to publishers. I have the experience to do this so I hope it will work out well for my clients.

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What am I looking for? That's easy - well-written novels, novellas, memoirs, and narrative non-fiction that I think I can sell to publishers. It really is that simple. Genre-wise, I would love to see literary fiction, commercial-literary fiction, and  "women's" fiction. I'm probably not your best bet for very commercial fiction, crime, thrillers, fantasy, or sci fi, unless exceptionally well-written and character-based. No young adult or children's books please. For non-fiction, I'm looking for memoir and narrative non-fiction. 

If you regard yourself as working-class, I'd be particularly interested to hear from you. More about my own working-classness here! I'm not based in London, I'm based near Banbury, Oxfordshire and I am prepared to travel to you for meetings if the need arises. I know only too well how expensive train tickets to London are! Part of my ethos is to support working class writers. 

To submit to me, it's very simple:

E-mail me. In the body of your e-mail, tell me about your novel, novella, or narrative non-fiction. Tell me a little about you. Attach the first three chapters (or first thirty pages) and a synopsis of two pages or thereabouts. Word docs or PDFs please. 

Please send your e-mail to:

That's about it. I'm looking forward to getting started and I hope to build a small list of talented authors and find book deals for all of them. It is a very tough business though, so please be aware I can't guarantee I'll get you a book deal. I will work hard for you, and do my best for you. In the mean time I'll continue to run my indie press Louise Walters Books and continue to promote and sell my published titles. I won't, however, be taking on any further authors as a publisher, as I need to concentrate on the agent side of the business from now on. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.