Louise Walters Literary Agency

I'm delighted to announce I am now working as a literary agent... as well as a writer, editor, and publisher. I've also been a bookseller... so I've pretty much done all the bookish work going... apart from being a literary agent... until now!  This development is really born of frustration: as a tiny indie publisher I have had to turn down so much good work. I can only publish a small handful of writers, and I now have seven talented writers in my stable and my publishing list is full for the foreseeable future.



Since founding Louise Walters Books in 2017 I have turned down work, often with great reluctance, finding myself thinking "How I would love to see this published" or "This novel deserves to be published" or "I really want to help this writer, but I can't". Then it occured to me, in, one of those moments of clarity that we experience in life sometimes: I realised I can help if I become a literary agent. I have learned so much about publishing over the last few years; and I have also come to understand that I will never be able to publish all of the wonderful writing that comes my way. 

But what I can do is try to get some of that work in front of other editors who may be able to publish it. So that's what I'm going to do. It's incredibly exciting and motivating for me to know I will be able to help many more writers through my literary agency. 

My publishing indie imprint Louise Walters Books will remain up and running alongside the Louise Walters Literary Agency, but I won't take on any new titles to publish while I concentrate on establishing my agency. So I am closed to publishing submissions... but very much open to agenting submissions. Here is all you need to know:

- Electronic submissions to submissions@louisewaltersbook.co.uk

- Postal submissions to Louise Walters, PO Box 755, Banbury, OX16 6PJ (If you want your work back please also send a stamped return envelope. I can't return work if you don't pay adequate return postage)

- Please send a brief cover letter, a synopsis of around 500-700 words, and the first chapter. The cover letter and synopsis in the body of the email; the first chapter, or around ten pages, as a Word or PDF attachment. 

- I am looking for adult fiction, narrative non-fiction, and memoir. My tastes veer to the literary-but-readable; commercial-literary stories with a discernible plot and well-drawn characters; literary crime; well-written commercial fiction; and I'll stretch to well-written fantasy as long as it's heavy on character, but light on dragons, rings or swords! If any of this sounds like your work, please do send it over.   

- Please allow up to two months for a response. I will do my absolute best to respond to everybody, even if it's with a standard No Thank You email.


- I would particularly like to hear from working class writers. I'm a working class person and there simply aren't enough of us in the publishing world. I am very keen to do my bit to change that. 


- I do not charge a reading fee. I do undertake editorial work on a freelance basis, but that is not connected to my agency nor to my publishing imprint. In other words, I will not tout for business if I reject your submission nor will I at any stage suggest you obtain a paid report with vague promises of representing you further down the line. If I see promise in your work but feel it's not quite ready, I am willing to work editorially with you, for no payment. I am very hands-on editorially and will probably want to work on all projects before submitting to commissioning editors. 

Finally, please bear with me, as although I've been involved in book selling, writing, editing, and publishing, I am brand new to being an agent and I will need to take my time to get things right. I won't be taking on many writers initially... I will take my time and pick very carefully. Also please remember being represented by an agent is one thing; getting a book deal quite another! There are no guarantees, but I will work very hard for the authors I do take on. 

Can't wait to see your submissions!