Welcome to Laura Laakso's dedicated

Wilde Investigations bookshop!


Here you will find all of Laura's books in the Wilde Investigations series. 


Recommended reading order:

1.  Fallible Justice

2.  Echo Murder

3.  Roots of Corruption

3.5  The Doves in the Dining Room (sideways novella)

4.  Wildest Hunger

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I am now selling print and e-books in the USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as the UK. The postage rates are based on weight and will be calculated at checkout.
(It is rather expensive I'm afraid!)

Please note: the e-books sold here will not be automatic downloads.
I will e-mail the files to you which you will then need to send to your device(s). 

Up to and including 2 November, all who pre-order the Wildest Hunger e-book from here

will be sent a Fallible Justice e-book for FREE.