Laura Laakso

Laura is a Finn who has spent most of her adulthood in England. Writing and storytelling has always been an integral part of her life, but it was turning thirty that led her to pursue a career in writing seriously. When she is not writing or working in her day job as an accountant, she is training and competing with her two dogs.

Laura's debut novel Fallible Justice was published in November 2018. It's the first in the paranormal crime series Wilde Investigations.  The follow up, Echo Murder, was published in June 2019. Laura's third novel Roots of Corruption was published in March 2020.

Laura tweets @LLaaksoWriter and her website is here.

Laura's favourite novel is The Horse Whisperer by Nicholas Evans, and her favourite novella is Story of Your Life  by Ted Chiang. Her top poet is V. A. Koskenniemi.

Fallible Justice 

Laura Laakso


The first in Laura's Wilde Investigations series was published on 8 November 2018. 

Paperback copies, signed when available, are on my website here


Also available in e-book and audio book.

Page 100 of Fallible Justice...

When she gets close enough, I catch a fleeting impression of the scents of true silver, steel and oiled leather.

      ‘You wanted to speak to me?’ she asks, her expression polite.

      ‘Yes and no. The person we’re really after is Brother Valeron. Do you know where we could reach him?’

      ‘What business would you have with Brother Valeron?’

      ‘We were hoping to ask him some questions.’

      ‘About what?’

      ‘About the judgement of Jonathain Marsh.’

      At the mention of the name, concern flickers over her features. ‘Who are you?’

      I introduce both myself and Karrion and explain what I do for a living. The concern on her face intensifies. Glancing around the hall, she beckons us to follow her. She chooses one of the many corridors and ducks into a room on the right. A brass plaque on the door reads ‘Palaeontology’. The walls are lined with bookcases and at the centre of the room are two desks facing each other. A pen holder and a stack of blank notepaper sit on each desk.

      Our guide closes the door behind us. ‘This is our research wing, but few have time to delve into the mists of the distant past. We can talk here without being overheard.’

      Karrion and I exchange a glance, puzzled by her cautious manner.

      ‘Can you take us to Brother Valeron? And what’s your name?’ I ask, flashing her a friendly smile despite a growing sense of disquiet.

      ‘My name is Sister Alissa. Valeron and I entered the Brotherhood at the same time...'

Echo Murder

Laura Laakso

The second in Laura's Wilde Investigations series was published on 6 June 2019. 

Paperback copies, signed when available, are on my website here.

Also available in e-book and audio book.

Page 100 of Echo Murder...

‘It’s hard to miss two casters, even in a darkened alley.’

      ‘There’s always invisibility spheres,’ Karrion says. ‘What about the car crash? It would have been easy to cast a spell from the crowd.’

      ‘Lucky for us, we have CCTV.’

      We spend half an hour going through the clips. Plenty of people are watching the paramedics and taking photos, but we cannot spot anyone casting a spell. We watch the footage again to see if anyone is acting suspiciously. Again, we gain no new insight.

      ‘Could the answer be something different?’ Karrion asks.

      ‘Such as?’

      ‘Could they be using an artefact?’

      ‘We saw no one pointing a staff or a rod at the victim.’

      ‘That’s not what I meant. They could have planted an item on Tim, or whoever the victim was, and triggered it with a command word. Abracadabra, the body goes poof.’

      ‘I’m pretty sure no self-respecting magic user would ever say Abracadabra. But it’s a good point. If Mages can imbue warding magic into heart copper and true silver symbols, why shouldn’t they be able to use objects as conduits for other spells?’

      ‘I couldn’t have put it better myself.’

      I nudge his shoulder. ‘We need to add talking to a Mage to our list of things to do.’        

      ‘Just as soon as we find a Mage that stays on good terms with you.’

      Ignoring the jibe, I turn my attention to the time stamp on the screen. ‘See that?’

      ‘It says nine fifteen. What of it?’

Roots of Corruption

Laura Laakso

The third in Laura's Wilde Investigations series was published on 26 March 2020. 

Paperback copies, signed when available, are on my website here.

Also available in e-book and audio book... and here is Laura reading from Roots over on my YouTube channel... with added adorable puppy, Usva...

Roots of Corruption was long-listed in the inaugural Barbellion Prize in 2020. 


Page 100 of Roots of Corruption...

      ‘How enterprising of you, Ms Wilde. For a creature of the wildest forests, such as still exist, you possess a surprising amount of business acumen.’

      ‘Or, perhaps you underestimated me.’ 

      ‘I wouldn’t go that far.’ Lord Ellensthorne steeples his fingers and leans forward. He is perfectly positioned to make it look like the raven is swooping over his head to attack us. I wonder how long has he practised the pose. ‘As entertaining as our verbal sparring has been, perhaps you could get to the point? I’m a busy man.’ 

      ‘We’re here to take your statement regarding your phone call with Hynryk Hailfax last night.’

      ‘I see.’ He leans back in his chair, his left hand absently caressing the head of the serpent. I focus on the movement and experience a sensation akin to fingers running over my scaly body. Suppressing a shiver, I fix my eyes on Lord Ellensthorne’s nose. ‘I gather he died.’ 

      ‘He did. What can you tell me about the phone call?’

      ‘Hynryk called me to discuss business. We spoke for ten minutes, fifteen at the most, before he began complaining about stomach pains. At first, he thought he had eaten something that didn’t agree with him, but then he started coughing and choking. Before it got worse, he mumbled something about a dark figure with flaming eyes that set his flesh on fire. I tried to question him about it, to no avail. He spoke no more, and I heard things breaking in the background, as well as his continued gagging. When the line went dead, I called the Paladins.’

      ‘Isn’t midnight an odd time to be making business calls?’ Karrion asks.

      Lord Ellensthorne tilts his chin up. ‘I’m something of a night owl, though not the powerless kind.' 

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