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I'm a reader, writer, editor and publisher. My press, Louise Walters Books, is tiny, indie, and receptive to books bigger publishers may not be able to consider. I aim to publish only the very best in adult literary and literary/commercial fiction, across all genres.

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My summer release is S J Norbury's debut novel Mrs Narwhal's Diary...

“It was Woman’s Hour who suggested I keep a diary. They said it was good for mental health, and I must say I did feel much less frazzled after writing everything down yesterday. The frustrations were all still there, but somehow smoothed out – as if by a really good steam iron.”


Mrs Narwhal is overwhelmed. Her husband, Hugh, is unkind and unhappy – working every hour at a job he hates to save the ancestral home he never wanted. Then there’s Hugh’s sister, Rose, who's spurned her one true love, and ricochets from drama to drama; not to mention two small boys to bring up safely in a house that could crumble around their ears at any moment…


When Hugh's pride receives a fatal blow, and he walks out, Mrs Narwhal is plunged into a crisis of both heart and home. With help from Rose she sets out to save the house her husband couldn't. But now that Hugh's gone, the question must be faced: does Mrs Narwhal really want him back?


Funny, charming, and moving, Mrs Narwhal’s Diary is an irresistible story which will enchant and delight its readers.

Early copies are available now from my website bookshop. It will be published on Sunday 16 May in paperback and e-book. Audio and large print versions are also on their way, published by W F Howes.


We have picked 16 May because it's the date the diary starts... and we have a blog tour coming up, starting on 13th May... loads of bloggers are signed up to read and review, which is exciting... 

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