Editorial testimonials...

Louise Jensen, author of The Sister, The Gift, The Surrogate , The Date, and The Family:

"Louise Walters was the first person I ever showed my writing to, and I was terrified. Her editorial feedback on the opening of The Sister was not only helpful, it was given with kindness and understanding. The advice Louise gave me enabled me to finish my first novel, and secure a publishing deal. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her."

Ellie Ambers, writer:

“Louise Walters did a full manuscript critique of a memoir that touches upon highly sensitive topics. The critique was exactly what I needed: highlighting both sections that worked well and those that weren’t up to par (with tips on how to fix them), indicating portions that I could delete to tighten the story and where I should expand. All in a highly supportive format. In a nutshell: Louise provided an intelligent guideline for the following edits. The critique saved me countless hours of existential writing angst and will allow me to focus on concrete action. Now, if I could just carve out more writing time…"


Kaela Coble, author of Friends and Liars:

“Louise was an incredible mentor. She really ‘got’ me and my novel and offered supportive critique that made me excited about moving forward. I credit her for helping me with the rewrite that eventually landed me an agent. I can’t recommend her enough!”

Tom Conaghan, writer:

“Louise’s feedback on my pitch was thorough and illuminating. It has allowed me to better understand the essence of my story. More importantly, it has given me a sense of the likely reception of my story: how a literary agent might consider it and the questions they need answering. It has been invaluable - I should have asked her five years ago!”

Maybelle Wallis, writer:

"Louise’s advice was spot-on: working on the synopsis under her guidance has focused me on the story and built my confidence about pitching it in the future."