Welcome to the LWB writing competition page. Currently I run two competitions a year:

Page 100 competition* which is open for entries from June to September each year


Favourite Paragraph competition which will open for entries from December to March 

The Favourite Paragraph competition will open for entries on Sunday 1st December 2019. 

Page 100 competition short list 

I'm pleased to announce I have decided on my short list for my inaugural Page 100 competition! I realised 2 December (results day) is rapidly approaching... and I'll have a lot of first three chapters to read, re-read, and think about to come up with the winners. So I knuckled down over the last few days and read, re-read, re-re-read... and I have a short list of seven page 100s. If you see your story on the list, congratulations. Feel free to shout about it on social media but please don't mention the title.


There were many page 100s that almost made this list, and it was tough to boil it down to these seven. It took a lot of deliberation and actually I think for my next competition I will co-opt a fellow reader! It's easier I think to bounce these decisions around with somebody else. Having said that, each and every one of these deserves its place on the short list... here they are... 

Eva's Shadow

Every Dog Has His Day


Monkey Flower


Soldier from the Wars Returning

Winter Witness

The winners will be announced here on Monday 2nd December. In the meantime, short listed writers will hear from my intern Billie who will ask them to send her the first three chapters. Billie will pass those on to me and I'll get reading... it's going to be a busy November...  after the winners have been announced I'll send a bit of feedback to all 21 long listed writers and will have a competition report here on this page alongside the top three page 100s.