Cath Barton

Cath lives in Abergavenny, Wales. She won the New Welsh Writing AmeriCymru Prize for the Novella in 2017 for The Plankton Collector, which was published in September 2018 by New Welsh Review under their Rarebyte imprint.

Her second novella In the Sweep of the Bay was published in November 2020 by LWB.

Cath tweets @CathBarton1

Cath's favourite novel is Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and her favourite novella is Animal Farm by George Orwell. Her top poet is U. A. Fanthorpe.

Photo: Toril Brancher

In the Sweep of the Bay

Cath Barton

"A tender and moving study of a marriage" Alison Moore, author of the Booker short listed The Lighthouse


Published in paperback and e-book on 23 November 2020. Signed copies are available from my bookshop.

Here's Cath reading her favourite paragraph from the book on my YouTube channel, where you can also find a recording of our online Zoom launch party held on Sunday 22 November 2020. 

Please enjoy page 50 from the beautiful and poignant novella, In the Sweep of the Bay...

      ‘And the women are comrades too,’ called someone at the back, no one could quite see who. There was a great muttering of assent, and Ted sat down and Mr Shy stood up again and got on with his speech with a good deal of jolly bluster; and when he finally sat down, puffing from the effort, Ted and Rene were called forward and Madge appeared from nowhere with a big box.

      ‘It’s from everyone for both of you, Mr and Mrs Marshall,’ she said in a rush, her cheeks and neck reddening as they always did when eyes were on her. ‘Mr Shy had it made, but it’s from all of us.’ And she handed it over to Rene, whose smile had become rather fixed when she saw it was Madge making the presentation.

      ‘Thank you,’ she said.

      ‘Thank you, my dear,’ said Ted. ‘Thank you everyone,’ he said, turning to the room. The friends and neighbours in the hall wanted to see the vase, they’d been told it was special, but Rene said they’d open it at home.

      ‘Come on then, love, let’s have a look-see now what they’ve given us,’ said Ted as soon as they were home and had their coats off and the kettle on. The girls were still back at the hall, clearing up. Rene pulled the vase out of the box. The design was of lilac, purple lilac. 

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