Books and me...

I'm a working-class writer, editor, and publisher. I went to a less than ambitious comprehensive school; I left at sixteen and didn't do A levels or go to university. I did eventually get one A level in English Literature (I took the exams while heavily pregnant with my oldest child) followed by a literature degree via the Open University at the age of forty-two, after twelve years of studying. 

I've read for most of my life, apart from a few years in my late teens and early twenties when other interests took over... It wasn't until I reached my forties that I realised I could write a novel. A lack of confidence prevented me for too long. If you're working-class you will probably understand that feeling.

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I'm the author of Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase (Hodder 2014), A Life Between Us (Louise Walters Books 2017), and The Road to California (Louise Walters Books 2018). I recently completed a first draft of my fourth novel. I don't know what will become of it, but the aim is publication. It's short, bitter-sweet, and unlike anything else I've written. It's called The Hermit.

I founded Louise Walters Books in 2017. Facing the prospect of turning fifty in the November of that year and, clock ticking, I remember thinking, I need to do this now, if I'm gonna do it. So I did. Getting older brings its advantages; a certain recklessness and determination...


LWB is very small and proudly independent. I've been fortunate in finding seven hugely talented authors. I'm a one-woman band; I project-manage the publication of each title and I edit all of them. I work with a talented team of freelance professionals who design my covers and interiors, and help me with copy-editing. I fit publishing in alongside my own writing, and my freelance editorial work.

Even now I can't quite believe I'm doing all of this for a living... imposter syndrome is "A Thing", with the publishing world seeming to be solidly middle-class, which it is, of course... But I'm here, I am doing it, and I hope you enjoy what I do. 

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